Floki Boy

Floki Boy

Deflationary Token That Charges Tx Fees On Everything But Buys.

This is not your typical project that promises everything and delivers nothing. FlokiBoy evolves at every turn with new and innovative ideas for development and promotion.

Our progress

It’s our vision to be an innovating decentralized platform, that aims to be active in multiple branches.

Stored here are our latest process developments, as well as future foresight innovations.


Aiming to avoid al those aggravating delayed and failed Swap notifications?, FlokiBoy Swap is the answer!

Don’t aggravate yourself any longer, and go Swap with FlokiBoy.Claimed to be the fastest on the blockchain!

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Smoothly running portfolio and charting DApp, intended for tokens on the Binance Smart Chain.

The chart can be connected with FlokiBoy, therewith providing the possibility, to act immediately on currency fluctuations.

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Who says crypto is no fun? play our floky game, beat records and share it in the community

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About Us

Subsequently, we aim to continuously build upon our established community. The community is actively creating new memes and have a say in the direction of our projects. Whatever happens, we will go to the moon!

Coming Out Of The Box, FlokiBoy Is Deflationary, WithRewards And low Fees, Because Our Team Wants You Aimed At The Moon As Well.

Flokiboy NFTs

Each nfts that is launched stimulates the Flokiboy economy by adding liquidity.

Enjoy your NFT while helping Flokiboy project to move towards the moon!

10% of the minting fees will be for buy back & burn or buyback and add liquidity to flokiboy token. The rest of the minting fees will be designated for appliance on CMC/CG!

Also don’t forget that these NFT will guarantee a 10% passive income, on all mints of the follow-up collection!

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Floki Boy

Multi-Faceted Profits For You

Everyone loves profits.

That's why FlokiBoy has multiple mechanisms to bring those profits to your wallet. .

First, Reflections provide each holder with an automatically ever-increasing balance; Second, automated burning increases the value of each token. You could watch both your balance and the price of each token increase simultaneously with FlokiBoy.


8% Buy/Sell

Whales with no loyalty to the project are not a problem with FlokiBoy. A max transaction limit on selling prevents whales from dumping the token and dropping its price. Buys, on the other hand, have no limit or taxes.

Token Metrics

TOTAL SUPPLY: 100,000,000,000,000,000
Token Network Binance Smart Chain
Token Name FlokiBoy
Token Symbol $FlokiBoy

4 %

Automatic Liquidity

As the liquidity pool for FlokiBoy grows, so does its liquidity and its hedge against price fluctuations. Equipped with a 4% transaction fee on all non-buy transactions, the pool for FlokiBoy can always keep growing.

2 %


A 2% fee charged on all non-buy transactions allows the reward balance to accumulate. The result gets distributed to all holders.

2 %


As great as FlokiBoy can be, it cannot grow without promotion. For that reason, all non-buy transactions get charged another 2% fee for marketing FlokiBoy to grow our community.

Follow your dreams, we will follow our roadmap


The flokyBoy developers are constantly working on improving the token and driving this project forward. Follow our roadmap and progress below!

  • Stealth Launch

  • Social Media Channels

  • Game of Flokiboy (Beta version)

  • Swap of Flokiboy (Beta version)

  • Chart of Flokiboy (Beta version)

  • 1k Telegram members

  • New Website and Branding

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Extend liquidity locked for 3 months

  • 1k holders

  • Burns & more marketing

  • Launch of our Official Whitepaper

  • 1k twitter followers

  • 1M market cap

  • Extend liquidity locked for 6 months

  • Listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap

Floki Boy

Why Floki Boy?

  • Liquidity Locked

    FlokiBoy will lock liquidity to give you the ease of mind that no rug pulls are at play.

  • Charity

    Charitable organizations will share some of the profits the FlokiBoy community experiences. No one goes empty-handed with FlokiBoy.

  • Earn Passive Income

    HOLDing FlokiBoy can earn you passive income through reflections. Sit back and watch your balance grow automatically.

  • Community Driven

    Rewarding its community is FlokiBoy's design. Similarly, by HOLDing, the community allows FlokiBoy to flourish through its tokenomics. It's a perfect pair.

FlokiBoy is a deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain. Its features include automatic liquidity for price stabilization, Reflection, burning to facilitate deflation, and a Marketing Wallet to promote the project for growth. A max transaction limit is also in place, preventing whales from selling at mass and dropping the token price.

There are four fees but, buyers get charged none of them. The fees are 4% for Automatic Liquidity, 2% for Reflection, 2% for the Marketing Wallet. All these fees are automatic, allowing FlokiBoy to operate with no human intervention.

For traders to be able to trade a token, the token needs a pool. The larger a token's pool balance is, the safer the hedge against price volatility or severe price drops. FlokiBoy charges a 4% fee for liquidity which gets deposited automatically into the PancakeSwap pool, ensuring the safety of the token.

Similar to dividends, HOLDR rewards get automatically sent by the FlokiBoy contract to all holders with FlokiBoy in their wallets. The more you HOLD, the larger your reward is. The funds rewarded come from the 2% Reflection fee charged at transactions.

For FlokiBoy to grow, our team needs funds to promote it. These funds get collected from the 3% Marketing Wallet fee charged at transactions and sent to the Marketing Wallet where the team can access it.

When many people sell a token at once, its demand decreases and thus, so does its price. The Max Transaction Limit is in place to prevent whales (people with lots of money) from selling too much too fast, preventing nasty price drops.
Floki Boy